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Topics: Management, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation Pages: 4 (1177 words) Published: March 24, 2011
BuAd 3351 Management Interview for management field
Managerial Interviews (three presentations = three projects) Projects 6 through 8 are Managerial Interviews
Interview three people in management working for different organizations, on three separate occasions. Focus on their planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, and their STYLE of management. Be sure to spend a few minutes informing your interview participant about the five schools of management style so they can give you informed responses! Be sure to spend a few minutes informing your interview participant about motivational theories & models so they can give you informed responses! Please use these questions IN ADDITION to YOUR OWN Questions. (For Brenda A. 1.What business do you work for? Big Chef Inc.

2.What is your position and how long have you had it? Manager – 4 years 3. How many people work under you? 50 employees
4. What is your management style? Use variety of methods mostly Administrative, also behavior because of coordinating people and effectively dealing with issues that arises in the work environment.

5. Which school of management do you relate to the most? Administrative school of management 6. Do you hold company meetings? Yes
7. What do you do for planning? I write a list of topics that need to be covered and go over it with the other managers so that we are on the same page for the meeting.

8. What do you do for organizing? Reports are gathering off the computer, people fill in a log on events that happen at work that I read and by word of mouth.

9. What do you do for controlling? Check to see that everybody’s paperwork is complete. Example you have system in place that double check to make sure that work is done right and is complete- Till sheets is an example of a needed item to be double checked.

10. What do you do for leading? I train people in, so I be in leading by example and showing them how to do the job correctly with patience and little humor...
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