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Job Interview

Interviewee(Mustafa): Software Engineer
Interviewer(Hasan): Associate Head of Software Engineering, at Gediksoft Interview Setting: Interview conducted in the head office of Gediksoft. The interview was conducted at 3:30 PM on Wednesday afternoon.

Interviewer(Hasan): Why should I hire you?
Interviewee(Mustafa): In last 5 years, I improved myself on developping mobile softwares, and now I know everything about mobile operating system, like IOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian. So I can be a great member on your mobile software developper team.

Interviewer(Hasan): What is your greatest weakness?
Interviewee(Mustafa): I always try to improve my communication skills with people. Even I took classes for this.

Interviewer(Hasan): Why you would like to work here ?
Interviewee(Mustafa): I determined some succesfull companies which will be enjoyful working place, and Gediksoft on the top of the list.

Interviewer(Hasan): What you can do which the other applicants can't? Interviewee(Mustafa): I have worked on softwares too much and I have many experiment. I have also very creative ideas about new technologies and how to optimize them with softwares.

Interviewer(Hasan): Tell me 3 positive things which your boss told about you? Interviewee(Mustafa): He told me " You are my best creative developper, and I trust you, I like your ideas."
Interviewer(Hasan): What salary range are you looking for?
Interviewee(Mustafa): If I got the job, I am sure that we will agree a good price.

Interviewer(Hasan): If you could be an animal, which one would you like to be ? Interviewee(Mustafa): A lion.

Interviewer(Hasan): What questions do you have for me?
Interviewee(Mustafa): I don't have any questions.

Interviewer(Hasan): Thank you for your time.
Interviewee(Mustafa): You are welcome.

Hasan Örnek – Mustafa Gedik
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