Interview Essay

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Interview Essay
Interviewing for the Future

Interviewing is considered by many people to be an art. As an adolescent, I never had the chance to interview someone before and it really made me have to expose myself to the world outside of my comfort zone. Being only eighteen years old, I wanted to explore my future career path a little more in depth from somebody who knows the field. I chose to do my interview on someone I admired off campus who works in my field of interest. As a freshman in college, most students don’t know which direction they want to go in, most of them are undeclared. Upon entering CCSU this fall I, too, was undeclared; however, very recently I discovered that I wanted to work in the field of dentistry. I noted that I wanted to talk to an expert, somebody who had been in the field for many years so I could get a concrete grasp on what a day-in-the-life was like. I decided that I wanted to know more on the field and conducted an interview with Lyudmila Adamitskaya, a dental hygienist at Smiles for the Future - a pediatric dentist office in Glastonbury, CT.

Before I decided to conduct the actual interview, I did some basic background research on Smiles for the Future. I looked at their company website to get a sense of what the atmosphere was like. After I got the general idea of what the pediatric dentistry field was similar too, I brainstormed a variety of questions. I wanted to know what it was like for Lyudmila and what the work environment was like. I had already known quite a bit about the actual field itself, but I wanted to find out things about the pediatric dentistry field that a person couldn’t read about in Chemistry books or through Anatomy lectures. I wanted to discover why she liked her job and what she didn’t like about her job. I desired to know the obstacles she had to overcome and if her expectations were fulfilled from what she had perceived them to be while in college. At first I couldn’t find the right words to put down on paper prior to the interview. From the in class essay we read “The Art of Interviewing” I took away a central point that really stood out to me, “Substance is powerful to conduct a meaningful interview” (Foster 1). This quote really jumped off the page for me because it made me think that if I didn’t have the questions I wanted answered, then what was the point of even doing the interview? This point certainly got me to brainstorm for quite a long time to get the right questions. I took away another point from the essay, “If the interviewer already suspects what content is coming then why conduct the interview?” (Foster 1). This acknowledgement made me really concentrate on questions I could not possibly know the answers to, so that my interview would be meaningful to me and not just a waste of time. I knew that going into the interview, I was going to be nervous but I had no idea what was going to happen.

On the afternoon of September 24th, 2012 I walked into the colorful pediatric office of Smiles for the Future in Glastonbury, CT. I anxiously waited until Mrs. Lyudmila Adamitskaya was finished with a small girl who looked as if she were around six or seven years old. I looked around at my surroundings and noticed many toys thrown about the waiting room. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, I love working with children; however, today seemed different. I couldn’t place what it was that bothered me so much about this but I was abruptly pulled out of my dream-like state when Mrs. Adamitskaya greeted me with a warm and cheery “Hello!” The first thing I noticed about her was her bright purple scrubs. Her hair was neatly tied back and she had a professional, but friendly, demeanor about her. We shook hands briefly and she invited me to come to the back, into room six. She invited me to sit in the patient’s chair, which was significantly smaller than I was and we shared a brief ice-breaking laugh at the situation. She asked me how old I was and I told her I was...
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