Interview Essay

Topics: Teacher, Education, School Pages: 2 (869 words) Published: January 5, 2013
I conducted my interview with Mrs. Michelle G. Escala; a woman with simple dreams and hopes in life. I approached her with all the kindness, respect, and humility. I started my interview by introducing myself and my purpose for conducting the interview. I was quite nervous during my interview, but I was still able to deliver my prepared questions. Mrs. Escala showed kindness to me during my interview. I could sense her sincerity and confidence while answering all my questions. She is a teacher at Tarong Elementary School, who is willing to inspire pupils and students to learn and to live the value of their existence. Mrs. Escala received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Philippine Normal University, Cadiz City in 2003 and her Masteral in Elementary Education from University of Southern Philippines in 2011. She took the Licensure Examination for Teacher and she passed and now, she’s enjoying her profession. Mrs. Escala was never influenced by anyone to take up the course Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education; it’s her own choice and will. She stated that taking up BEED is the first step in preparing for this profession. She also believes that grades and extracurricular activities are important. She was a consistent honor student since her younger years, she actively participate in their school paper and other organization in their school. In addition, she said, in order for you to finish your studies and to achieve your goal, you must strive hard, manage your time wisely, love what you do, and have faith in God. After finishing her studies, before she becomes a full time teacher, she started as a substitute teacher for about half a year. She also stressed the importance of Practice teaching because it will give you experience and you can meet what is truly the work of a teacher. She also said that attending to seminars either near or far is important because through these activities you can learn more and it will help you to be more...
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