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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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Okezie Adim-Madumere
Interview Essay
April 14, 2012
English 1301.01

In my personal opinion it is a good idea to converse with elder people, because “wisdom comes with age.” In class we received an assignment from Ms. Johnson stating that we had to give an interview a person who was born during or before 1950, and she preferred it to be someone from the family. Sadly, my father was born in 1958, and I’m not in the position to get in contact with other family members in England or Nigeria.Therefore, I had to get with an individual closest to me, that person is Michael Kusheba. Mr.Kusheba was born in 1943. He went to Richmond University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree. He gained his Master’s Degree at East Texas State University and became a certified computing professional. He teaches PC Operating Systems, Basic Programming, Intro to the Internet, and Business Computer Applications. Prior to teaching at Kilgore, he taught at Florida State and Jarvis Christian University. In class, Mr. Kusheba tells some entertaining stories; in the following paragraphs I will described the renowned events reiterated in the classroom.

As a freshman, in 1961, Mr. Kusheba ran for cross country at Richmond University. In one meet there were 75 runners running, Mr. Kusheba finished in 13th place, however, only the first 12 received trophies. He said it was disappointing but life is all about overcoming obstacles. As a senior, Mr. Kusheba participated in a state AAU track meet. Mr. Kusheba won the long jump and triple jump with distances of 23.8 and 44.4, respectively.

During the summer of 1965, Mr. Kusheba began teaching College Algebra at Florida State University. On July 3, 1965, Mr. Kusheba was driving an immaculate red 1957 Chevy along Highway 98, in West Panama City Beach, Florida. All of a sudden, a drunken airman from Biloxi, Mississippi, driving a brand new Corvette, slammed into Mr. Kusheba’s Chevy, at approximately 70 miles per hour....
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