Interview Between Simon Bolivar and Jose de Sam Martin

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  • Published : July 20, 2011
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(Interview between Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin and journalist, , date unknown)

Question to Simon Bolivar: Sir, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Response: I was born in Venezuela to great wealth in 1783. I married early in life but my wife passed away after a short time and I had many many lovers. I have often been called competitive, arrogant, and hyperactive. I am a Creole.

Same question to Jose De San Martin

Response: I was born in Argentina in 1778 to a very modest family. I am a simple modest man and had one wife whom I loved dearly but did take one lover towards the end of my last campaign.

Question to Bolivar: Once you were victorious in your wars, what did you hope to gain besides the independence of the people?

Response: I very much wanted to be the governor or ruler of that country but unfortunately, there were many wars to be fought and I had to be continually on the move.

Same question to San Martin:

Response: I wanted nothing. I was offered honors, awards including rank, positions, land and money but I wanted nothing except for the independence of the people.

Question to Bolivar: It is my understanding that you met with San Martin to discuss the future of Latin America. Where did this meeting take place and did you feel you were more competent than San Martin to lead any forces and did you like the man?

Response: Yes to the forces and no to liking the man. We met in Guayaquil, Ecuador on July 26, 1822

Same question to San Martin:

Response: I had no agenda at the meeting other than to discuss South America and no, I was not looking forward to meeting Bolivar as I had many negative feelings towards him. We wanted different things so I turned my troops over to him.

Question to San Martin: It is my understanding you left this meeting quickly and disappointed. What transpired?

Response: I resigned my posts after the meeting and returned to Peru. I believed that these countries...
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