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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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The perfect supervisor

As an employee of IAC (International Automotive Company), I used my position there to interview my super visor and ask him about his effective communication strategies when dealing with the public on a daily basis. Juan Bemma is a super visor in IAC for more than 6 years, and he is one of the most friendly and prefect super visors in that department. He is one of the guys that he doesn’t turn his employee down when they need something, every time when someone has an emergency or an issue; he is there to help as a friend first before he is a super visor.

I choose Bemma to become the person that I interview for my speech class paper because I believed that he had a strategy he use it with his employee, and that strategy did not made him popular and loved one in that department only, but in same it made his employee to work harder and return Bemma’s favor by creating an outstanding job. Through the interview I asked him about what is his believes while doing his job? And what type of strategy he used to succeed in his position? To bemma, his job was everything to him, and he believed that as long as you become good, honest in your job and put an effort in it by working hard, you will always success, not only in the job itself but with his employee and coworkers. The other strategy he used was treating people and employees with respect, make them feel they are friends more than he paly a rule of boss on them causing conflict in orders. The specific illustrations can that interviewee provide is both strategy’s that Bemma provide me are effective, and through what I saw in my work place, and the dealing of other employees with Bemma is an enough prove about how successful is that strategy, not forgotten the natural behave of some people is hard to control or change, especially when they try to use the kindness of other person with them and return their favor by disrespect.

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