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Steven Matienzo
Life/Career Planning M/W
Informational Interview
March 31, 2013

Informational interview Personal Training
Today I interviewed Ricky-Jay Moreno who is a personal fitness trainer for Title Boxing Club. He is one of the head trainers in the facility and takes care of the gym. The main responsibilities he has is making sure the members/clients are taken care of, creating a schedule/health format for the clients goals, and the maintenance of the gym. Embraced with many skills and traits, Ricky-Jay learned it all from NPTI (National Personal Training Instituted) as well as NASM (National Academy Sports Medicine). In this position, creativity, being in shape, people skills, and knowledge of anatomy are skills that are very useful. Theirs always changes occurring with new members, pricing and equipment. This line of work hours and scheduling are very flexible, you set your own hours and schedules. If the job progresses, the next step in his career would be to run two different facilities and expand his cliental. His employment is very secure, but if his job was suddenly eliminated, he would do home training and start his own business. The economy is affecting the industry by if the economy goes down there first to go and all depends on location. Some of the main frustrations in the job would be people not listening and clients rescheduling. Ricky’s advice to me or anyone who was just starting out in his line of work is that you must stay focused and self-motivated.

As the interview went on I would say my only expectation that differed was that I thought if the job was suddenly eliminated you would be out of a job for sure. After the interview I asked myself if I still had interest in this career and I came to the conclusion that I was more interested in it then before. I found that I love to help others. I plan to use this information in my future career planning to obtain a job in this field, to help...
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