Intervew/Visit to Human Service Agency

Topics: Developmental disability, Disability, United States Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Interview and Visit Human to Service Agency

Angela Mendieta
March 17, 2011
Dr. David Bolton

Upon my visit to The Department of Developmental Services I was greeted by a staff member who then asked me my name I signed the visitors book and told them who I was there to, see I received a visitors pass and was escorted to Ms. Jones office Ms. Jones, who is a Senior Psychiatric Technician, at the Department of Developmental Services for the State of California. This facility is located on more than two acers of land that is located in the city of Diamond Bar This facility has a private pool for resident a petting zoo with horses, birds, and dogs, non-poisonous, snakes that are sometimes used for therapy with clients. Ms. Jones attended Valley College where she received her Diploma/Licsense this was Approximately, two years course of study. Ms. Jones is required by law to renew her licsense every, two years to continue to work.

In her position as Senior Psychiatric Technician Ms. Jones is responsible for the safety and care of thirty male clients that are located on her unit this unit is an all- male unit the ratio of clients, on this particular unit is 7 to 1 which means there is seven clients to every- one staff member. The total population at this facility is form 300-310 on any given day. There is a certain criteria that must be met these factors include that the client must first go through one of the many regional centers here in California to be evaluated and assessed. The client must be developmentally disabled. from birth or diagnosed to be mild to profoundly mentally disabled to be placed at this particular facility.

Ms. Jones also supervises more than 14 employees, on her unit this includes, planning work schedules, for each employee on her unit making sure that all patients are covered. She also make sure that these employees attend mandatory training assigned by the State of California

Ms. Jones is...
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