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Date: 9/21/2012

Story of an hour vs. Happy Endings

Story of an hour by Kate Chopin and Happy endings by Margaret are both short stories. They are very different because story of an hour is mainly talking about just one couple other then the story of “Happy Ending” have six different ending with many different characters told in each situation. What is the same about two of stories is that romantic relationships do not last forever everything dies at some point in life.

In 1894, Kate Chopin wrote “Story of an hour”. This short story is about a women name Mrs. Mallard. She was married to a man name Brently who she thought that had died in a very horrible train accident. Mrs. Mallard starts shedding tears over the news of husband but secretly she felt a sense of relief. When she went to her room, she stared out the window looking at the clouds and being to think how happy and free she will be now that her husband would no longer be in her life, she would only have to take care of her self. Mrs. Mallard said, “yet she had loved him—sometimes .Often had not “when she says that its means she doesn’t have to follow what her husband says or have to take a care of him , like most women had to do many years ago because the men basically was the only people controlling everything. She will finally be able to explorer more things on her own and not have to worry about what people think about her husband because back then you couldn’t do anything with out talking to your husband first. Mrs. Mallard feel like a free woman until she sees her husband at the bottom of the stairs and he looking at her caring she just dies moments later. They say she had a heart disease--of the joy that kills” which might mean she was happy to see him but its not really what she wanted in life meaning she did not feel like a free women anymore.

“Happy Endings” by Margaret Atwood has six different endings but very similar situations. In these,...
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