Intersoft Case Analysis

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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On a basic level, the root cause of the disagreement between Hernán Otero and Alexey Iskhakov is based on miscommunication. However, on a deeper level, the disagreement between the two programmers is a result of their cultural differences. It is critically important for Emilio to resolve this disagreement and to make significant changes within the organization to ensure that it does not continue or recur. The key steps will include: working with both Hernán and Alexey to defuse the current situation; changing the physical set up of the InterSoft lab to promote a better sense of team; and implementing new training procedures to prepare both Russian and Argentinian staff members for travel to either country. Alexey, Bruno, Hernán and Emilio were working on an important component of an updated version of IDEAFIX scheduled to be launched soon, so it was important that their programming progress on schedule. Tensions recently escalated between Hernán and Alexey because of a series of emails, initiated by Hernán, regarding the design of an event-handling algorithm of IDEAFIX. The email “conversation” between Hernán and Alexey seemed to occur after the first time that they could not reach an agreement even after much discussion. When Bruno became concerned that Alexey did not understand what needed to be done with the design of IDEAFIX, he informed Hernán. Because Hernán felt that he could better communicate with Alexey via written English, he began emailing Alexey instead of speaking directly with him, and forwarding the emails to Emilio for his input as well. The ensuing chain of emails would not have caused such a conflict if there had not already been some underlying tension. Hernán and Alexey have arrived at this disagreement because they do not fully understand each other. Not only do they not speak each other’s language, but neither is fluent in English, the only language they do have in common. They do not understand the other’s motives, or have enough trust...
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