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Physical gender is not always a matter of XY or XX, a boy or a girl. There are sometimes that due to chromosomal errors the baby’s body does not developed normally. Intersex is a condition where a person is born with a reproductive anatomy that does not fit the definition of being a male or a female. The person might look like female on the outside but have the genitals of a man. “Although the majority of intersex conditions are not life threatening, genital ambiguity has been treated largely as a medical emergency because of the perceived potential of psychological trauma for the parents and ultimately the child” (MacKenzie, Huntington, Gilmour); a person that has been diagnosed with intersexuality experiences a lot of mental distress and requires psychological help.

In the movie XXY, Alex the main character is a girl that experiences a lot of pressure for being an intersex. This condition causes in her a massive identity crisis and a serious emotional withdrawal. Being originally from Argentina they are forced to move to the coast of Uruguay due to the social problem that Alex’s condition causes. Even though Alex has her parents support, the whole situation is too complex for her to deal with it. Things get a little more complicated when some friends arrive to their house and their son has sexual intercourse with Alex. Now that Alex feels that she is in love she becomes more aggravated by her condition.

In the movie I was able to identify several issues dealing with sexuality The first issue is being an intersex, even though her body and her face resembles one of a female, she has a penis. Alex is not able to develop as a female. She has to deal with the condition of having abnormalities in her sex chromosomes, that does not let her develop as a normal person. An other example is that in the movie we are able to see that Alex takes corticoid to prevent the growing of a beard. This illustrates the issue of being an intersex, because girls are not...
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