Interrelationship of Psycholinguistic and Quranic Sciences

Topics: Qur'an, Human, Muhammad Pages: 13 (4326 words) Published: March 22, 2011


Literature review 5

Methodology 7

Findings and discussion

1. Knowledge overrides literal word meanings 8

2. Innate Knowledge of human12

3. Thought is independent of language 14

Conclusion 16

Limitation 16

References 18


The word ‘psycholinguistics’ is first used in the year of 1936. As Steinberg and Sciarini (2006) mentioned in their book An Introduction to Psycholinguistics regarding the definition of psycholinguistics, it is the psychology of language as it relates to learning, mind and brain as well as various aspects of society and culture. Field (2003) established a definition that psycholinguistics draws on ideas and knowledge from a number of associated areas, such as phonetics, semantics and pure linguistics. Meanwhile according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, psycholinguistics is the study of the mental faculties which involved in the perception, production, and acquisition of language. There are variations of definition regarding the term which simply associated with psychology and language. In fact, variety of fields namely psychology, linguistics, philosophy, second-language teaching, speech pathology can all benefit from the wide range of important theory and concept that are considered in the area of psycholinguistics. After all, there are selected matters in psycholinguistics that are interesting to discuss with specifically regarding knowledge and thought.

Since human being is the most unique creation that Allah ever created as He created them in good shape, excellent condition and the most crucial part is the brilliant human’s mind. He created human on purpose and the purpose of human’s creation is to serve Allah and to appreciate Allah such as appreciate the knowledge that He gives to human being and to follow His order. The word ‘knowledge’ is first known in the 14th century (Middle English) with different spelling, knowledge, which can be defined as learning or acquiring some information regardless good or bad information. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, knowledge is the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. Another meaning related to knowledge is the fact or condition of having information or of being learned. Meanwhile, Kamus Rujukan 2006 stated that knowledge is general facts or information that people know. Thus, knowledge as associated to psycholinguistics is of how people obtained knowledge or do they even realize the knowledge that they had? It is interesting to distinguish how they use or interpret the knowledge that they acquired in the brain. In addition, Steinberg and Sciarini (2006) identified thought as a kind of behavior that originates from speech production. This theory typically is held by Behaviorists who wish to get rid of mind and Mentalism in psychology, linguistics and philosophy and to replace the notion of thought or cognition with something that is physically observable or potentially observable. The psychologists Watson, Skinner and Staats, the linguists Bloomfield and Liberman and the philosophers Ryle and Quine are a few of the many who advocated such a conception. They define thought as subvocal speech or behavior and not something mental, as in the traditional view of psychology. However, different does not always better or correct. Thus, thought can best be described as a behavior of mental which is abstract and intangible but could be channeled through behavior. Hence, is the matter of thought and knowledge in psycholinguistics be related to the Holy Qur’an? Is it possible? I am pretty sure that we can find the significance of these matters in the Qur’an since the Qur’an itself is the literal word of Allah SWT. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the Qur’an is the book composed of sacred writings accepted by Muslims as revelations made to Muhammad by Allah...
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