Interracial Relationships

Topics: Miscegenation, Race and Ethnicity, Marriage Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Rehabot Eyassu
Mr. Quigley
English 2: Period 6
9 March 2013
Interracial relationships

The number of mixed-race marriages-between Whites, Blacks, Asians and Hispanics, has more than doubled since 1980 (Russo). Racial discrimination ended in the sixties, however the last state to allow interracial marriage was Alabama and the state recently allowed interracial marriage in 2000 (Gale). However, “older generations are still uncomfortable with interracial coupling” due to the way they were raised and taught (Russo). Despite this, the rise of the number of interracial relationships in America is positive due to the increase of racial tolerance that it promotes, the bridge of cultures it creates, and the fact that it also amplifies the cultural diversity .

Racial segregation and discrimination in history is the main reason many people are uncomfortable and unwilling to accept interracial marriages or relationships. However, with the increase of interracial marriage/relationships, racial tolerance increases. “I told my dad I met this great guy who was smart and handsome, and a little bit white”, stated Tijuana Ricks an African American, “my dad was struck dumb” (qtd Gale). Rick’s father, Thomas, who disapproved of his daughter’s interracial relationship, states that he was “a child of the sixties” and “remembers segregation and the marches” (qtd.Gale). Thomas was an African American child during the times of discrimination where he and other black people were mistreated; this is why he was so uncomfortable with the fact that his daughter was dating a white man. However, after Rick’s parents came to know Michael (the guy Rick was dating) they came to like him and became more tolerant to their daughter dating people of different races. This is an example of how interracial relationships help raise racial tolerance. With the increase of racial tolerance many people will...
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