Interpreting Shorthand Notation

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1. Note-taking symbols and abbreviations for your reference: Abbreviations in Note taking
Use only the abbreviations that fit your needs and that you will remember easily. A good idea is to introduce only a few abbreviations into your note taking at a time. Symbols helpful in math —— these are commonly used in texts and references. S   =   sum

f   =   frequency
Leave out periods in standard abbreviations.
cf   =   compare
eg   =   example
dept   =   department
Use only the first syllable of a word.
pol   =   politics
dem   =   democracy
lib   =   liberal
cap   =   capitalism
Use entire first syllable and only 1st letter of 2nd syllable. pres   =   presentation
subj   =   subject
ind   =   individual
cons   =   conservative
Eliminate final letters. Use just enough of the word to form a recognizable abbreviation. assoc   =   associate
biol   =   biology
info   =   information
ach   =   achievement
chem   =   chemistry
max   =   maximum
intro  =   introduction
conc   =   concentration
min   =   minimum
rep   =   repetition
Omit vowels, retain only enough consonants to give a recognizable skeleton of the word. ppd   =   prepared
prblm   =   problem
estmt   =   estimate
bkgd   =   background
gvt   =   government
Use an apostrophe in place of letters.
am't   =   amount
cont'd   =   continued
gov't   =   government
educat'l   =   educational
Form the plural of a symbol or abbreviated word by adding s. chpts   =   chapters
egs   =   examples
fs   =   frequencies
intros   =   introductions
Use g to represent ing endings.
ckg   =   checking
estg   =   establishing
decrg   =   decreasing
exptg   =   experimenting
Spell out short words such as in, at, to, but, for, and key. Abbreviations or symbols for short words will make the notes too dense with shorthand. Leave out unimportant words.
Leave out the words a and the.
If a term, phrase, or name is written out in full during the lecture, substitute initials whenever the term, phrase, or name is used again. For example, Center for Aerospace Sciences becomes CAS thereafter. Use symbols for commonly recurring connective or transitional words. &   =   and

w/   =   with
w/o   =   without
vs   =   against
\   =   therefore
=    =   is or equal
Use technical symbols where applicable.
zb   =   German, for example
ibid   =   Latin, the same work
o   =   degrees
H2O   =   water
More reference:
Use standard maths, accounting, and science symbols. Examples: + plus
// parallel
Use standard abbreviations and leave out full stops. Examples: eg example
IT dept Information Technology department
UK United Kingdom
Use only the first syllable of a word. Examples:
mar marketing
cus customer
cli client
Use the entire first syllable and the first letter of the second syllable. Examples: subj subject
budg budget
ind individual
To distinguish among various forms of the same word, use the first syllable of the word, an apostrophe, and the ending of the word. Examples: tech'gy technology
gen'ion generalisation
del'y delivery
Use just enough of the beginning of a word to form a recognisable abbreviation. Examples: assoc associated
ach achievement
info information
Omit vowels from the middle of words, retaining only enough consonants to provide a recognisable skeleton of the word. Examples: bkgd background
mvmt movement
prblm problem
Form the plural of a symbol or abbreviated word by adding 's.' Examples: custs customers
fs frequencies
/s ratios
Use 'g' to represent 'ing' endings. Examples:
decrg decreasing
ckg checking
estblg establishing
Spell out, rather than abbreviate short words. Examples:
Leave out unimportant verbs. Examples:
Leave out unnecessary articles. Examples:
If a term, phrase, or name is initially written out in full during the talk or meeting, initials can be substituted whenever the term, phrase, or name is used again. Example: January Advertising...
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