Interpreter of Maladies

Topics: Marriage, Family, Jhumpa Lahiri Pages: 3 (1329 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri tells a story about a family on vacation in India. The story shows how much a single family can be completely distant and careless of one another. No one in the short passage sees each other for who they really are. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Das, do not act like parents to their three children instead they act as an older brother and sister. The Das marriage is nothing near a stable, loving, or happy relationship. Their relationship is entirely thoughtless and do not care to bother with changing. Mrs. Das is so unhappy with her life as a result her family comes second when, her needs are first. Everyone in the Das family does not see each other in anyway therefore making each person invisible and careless to one another. Mr. and Mrs. Das are no where’s near being considered good parents. Mr. Das is stuck behind his camera while Mrs. Das into herself. They are both equally oblivious to their kids and don’t care. “They were all like siblings, Mr.Kapasi thought as they passed a row of date trees, Mr. and Mrs. Das behaved like an older brother and sister, not parents” (Lahiri 49). It’s extremely obvious to see that Mr. and Mrs. Das did not show attention or love to their kids. Mr. Kapasi is their tour guide that the Das family hired to show them around to sightsee and drive. The family sits in the car, which is stopped near a tea stall when Tina, the youngest needs to go to the bathroom. Mrs. Das ultimately takes her, but when her daughter comes back, she is no longer with Mrs. Das. Mr. Das asks Tina where her mother is, using Mrs. Das’s first name, Mina. Mr. Kapasi notices that Mr. Das uses his wife’s first name, and he thinks it is an unusual way to speak to a child. Along the way of sightseeing, they spot many monkeys. Mr. Kapasi tells the children and Mr. Das that the monkeys are not dangerous as long as they are not fed. While the car pulls over so the family can get out and look around, Mrs. Das and Mr. Kapasi remain...
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