Interpretation or Opinion: The Analysis and Differences of Their Definitions

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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Interpretation or opinion: the analysis and differences of their definitions
‘To interpret’ and ‘to give an opinion’ do not mean the same thing. These words are relative to one another because of how each can affect the others meaning, though. How the reader interprets one thing can make he/she have a different opinion, even if the matter is not interpreted the supposed correct way. While interpretation is interpreting the matter itself, it also means to give an explanation or conception of a work or act. Opinion is how a work or act is personally interpreted. Giving a personal view, belief or judgment is an opinion; the personal feeling about a subject matter. How something is interpreted can give a different opinion, because everything can be interpreted differently depending on the thought process of the person.

The difference between interpretation and opinion are subtle. The main difference is that interpreting is how a matter is taken in and thought about while opinion is the personal view and attitude about what is being interpreted. These ultimately affect each other because the opinion is based off the interpretation and vice versa. Multiple people could be hearing a presidential debate and their opinion about a certain political party could affect how they choose to interpret what is actually being said. There are cases such as the example where the opinion is affecting the interpretation. In the same situation, a person who knows nothing of politics could listen to the debate and interpret it anyway, and make an opinion based from his/her interpretations. These words go hand-in-hand with one another.

Opinion and interpretation can be based from one another due to how each affects the other. Interpreting is providing a meaning or explanation of a subject matter while opinion is the personal feeling and attitude towards that matter. Neither have a necessarily correct answer and are both about how the thought is taken into our minds and deciding how...
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