Interpretation of My Papas Waltz

Topics: Mother, Father, Family Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: December 13, 2011
At first glance, My Papa's Waltz plants an image of child abuse in the reader's mind. Certainly to a reader of the 21st century generation, everything has a "dark meaning" behind it. But, with a closer look at what Roethke is really implying, it becomes clear to the audience that the story alludes to a much lighter meaning. To better understand this poem, it helps to know that this was written in 1942, when people's activities, habits, and even the language were quite different than they are today.

In the first two stanzas, a very young Roethke tells of his drunken father dancing with him in the kitchen. The imagery of the smell of whiskey on his fathers breath, and the stumbling through the kitchen making mother angry, certainly doesn't make this dance seem to be as elaborate and beautiful as a waltz. With the combination of whiskey, pots and pans falling off the shelf, and a young boy involved, its easy to assume that there is some sort of violent act in effect here.

The last two stanzas continue to plant the illusion that the father is abusive. Roethke draws attention to the man's hands. The one holding the boys wrist is "battered," and the other is "caked hard by dirt." The reader also learns how young and small the boy is, by the line "...My right ear scraped a [belt] buckle."

All of this together makes it sound like there is foul play involved, but that is not at all the case here. In a different light, everything in this poem is much more innocent than what the modern reader may think is implied. In the first stanza, the whiskey breath is not directly connected to alchoholism. In fact, alcoholism was not a common word that was used in 1942. It was extremely common for a man to come home from a hard day of work and have a strong liquor drink to relax. It still is in some families and cultures today. Roethke adds in the poem that the mother's expression was not pleasent, which tells the reader that maybe dad had a little too much with dinner (I hate...
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