Interpretation: “Nothing Gold Can Stay” Poetry is a wonderful world

Interpretation: ?Nothing Gold Can Stay? Poetry is a wonderful world of words. Each different poet is noted for his or her own creative style and choice of subject matter. Sometimes a poet will write about many things, sometimes a poet will write about one thing, and sometimes a poet will write about one thing that can be interpreted in many ways. In the case of ?Nothing Gold Can Stay?, Robert Frost is writing about one thing that be can be interpreted in many different ways. ?Nothing Gold Can Stay? can be interpreted to be about nature, life, and love.

When Frost writes, ?Natures first green is gold? it is obvious that he is making a reference to the cycles of nature (1). In nature the season that contains life and growth is spring. In the spring each new plant is young, green, and in the golden part of its life. Every new beginning in nature is its most golden moment. Unfortunately, the moment of growth and abundance in the life of spring does not last. The first golden green parts of its life fade into to dull browns as summer begins to take over with gold being ?Her [nature?s] hardest hue to hold? (2). Nature, as everything, works in a continuous cycle. The cycle of nature is almost all death with the exception of the spring, which sadly is the shorter of the seasons.

Much like nature, the golden parts of our lives are the parts that don?t last very long. So when comparing Frost?s words it is evident to see that his nature like similes are really about the life and death aspects of living. ?Natures first green is gold? is a way of saying that we are at the golden part of our life when we are young.

Life can be a short unhappy existence remembered only by memories that signify our youth. When we are young everything is happy and new. In the seventh line Frost writes, ?So dawn goes down today? meaning that the short golden beginnings in life must go down in order for the day, a new life, to begin. Our first years are the only times when our lives are...
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