Interpersonal Relationship Within a Team

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Construction, Psychology Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: January 17, 2011
When a project is assigned to a team, I believe that each member assumes that they can trust their crew. Earning a group’s trust doesn’t occur until the trust has been lost. For example take high school projects. Let’s assume that the teacher has assigned a project for a group of 4 to market a certain product and pitch it to the class. In marketing there are the 4 Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. Each group member has to take one of the 4 Ps and build their part of the project off of that. Let’s say that one group member who had to put together the promotion part of the assignment, failed to do so at the time alluded by the group. The trust in this member has now been faded away. He/she must work harder to prove that they are a significant part of the group but even if they succeed, there will always be a slight hesitation when working with this member again.

It is important to make interpersonal relationships with your team members in order to enhance trust. Getting to know someone can make any situation friendlier which then leads to a more pleasant work area when then leads to a successful project. According to Lau, “Working relationships are important in effecting project performance and cooperation is believed to be a behavioral consequence to trust” (Lau, abstract). In just responding to different discussion questions in the OLS has led to some friendships. There are a couple of people who have given me advice on certain situations that I have explained in the main forum. This is a good way of bonding with your classmates which can help when working with one another. I think that communication is key for any team to be successful. Even if the communication becomes tedious for team member to constantly read/hear from one, it is important that one keeps in constant communication in order to enhance the trust. If one knows that their team is working, the trust can never fail.

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