Interpersonal Relationship and Daily Basis

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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The World Today vs. The World Fifty Years Ago
The world that we live in today may have many more advances than the world that people lived in fifty years ago, but, that does not necessarily mean that today's world is better. The saying, "Keep it simple," is a very basic, and yet, accurate way to begin the comparison between the world today versus the world fifty years ago. There is no doubt that the world fifty years ago was a much better world than what we are currently living in. Family living and family structures were much better fifty years ago. First. let's look at the simple task of eating. Today, family rarely, if ever, eat together. Everyone is too busy working, playing sports, going out with friends, and spending time in the car to have any quality time as a family. This is further proved by the fact that the modern invention of , "Family Night," had to be established for the simple pleasure of being a family. This is not living as a family. How can you possibly say that the family situation today is better than it was fifty years ago? How is needing to make an appointment to spend time together better than spending time together on a daily basis? It is not. Fifty years ago a family would eat dinner together every night. The dinner table was a place for family members to visit, talk about the day, and share news. Today, the "Family Night," is more of an eating and game playing experience. True, this may be fun, but a once a week event of food and games is far from bonding as a family. The all important element of technology. Yes, it is true that the world that we live in today has many more technological advancements that it did fifty years ago. We may have bigger and faster computers, and mobile phones that are more like a personnel assistant than a device to make calls, but this does not mean that life is better today than it was fifty years ago. What this means is that life is more complicated and busier than it was fifty years ago. There is much to...
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