Interpersonal Learning on the Here and Now

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Interpersonal Learning:

Incorporating the first few chapters of Yalom’s readings, I surmise the meaning of the “here and now” as a fight or flight response, and “the increase in power and effectiveness” as a natural transference process in which the client’s distorted self perception is confronted by the members during a group discussion. The here and now is a focus from the intra-personal to the inter-personal by bringing the outside unconscious malfunction into the inside smaller world of a group. The specific behavior of the unconsciously safeguarded malfunction is brought to light in the natural setting of the group. These confrontations of safeguarding behaviors are voiced with empathetic clarification versus attack (a hit and run as families sometimes do). The safeguarding behavior comes into light as being specific and personal with awareness to how one is seen by others. The scenarios Yalom (2005) discusses indicate how vital it is for the group dynamic to be supplied with empathy, along with many opportunities for members to reflect on the maladaptive cycles in the group with an emotional and corrective therapeutic process.

In clip #1 of the video, a member of the group and Yalom redirects the elderly man’s simplistic but hyped “rational argument”, which he was enforcing on Sonja’s heartfelt emotional experience. The elderly redirects his approach, as asked, to personalize his feelings, “what I wish I could do”, the here and now. The outcome produced calmness/sadness and a discovery of a wish toward his own daughter. Along with this discovery, Sonja described these voiced out feelings as a need and was not expecting to hear such nice, encouraging and heartfelt words, especially from him. Members of the group praised and encouraged her to continue talking with them and assured her that she is important (what a powerful dynamic). Interpersonal learning therefore, provides samples of real life problem solving that may not be available outside of...
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