Interpersonal Dynamics and Processes

Topics: Conflict, Problem solving, Negotiation Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Patricia McKinney
Grand Canyon University: MGT 420
Professor Couture December 23, 2012

1. How effective is the communication between Pilar and Miguel in the first part of the Listening Skills video? Did this change in the second part of the video? How does this compare to the communication between Angela and Ralph during the first and second meetings in the Virtual Workplace video? The communication between Pilar and Miguel was not effective by any means. Pilar is the Senior Account Manager of a campaign company and Miguel is the creative designer in charge of the campaign for a client. While the client was pleased with the end result of the campaign, they were not pleased that Miguel went over budget without informing them. In the meeting Miguel was distracted and not paying attention to Pilar. He was proud of his work as an artist that and he completely ignored the fact that the client was upset about him going over budget and was threaten not to pay. Miguel was so overconfident about the work he’d done that he did not even want his assistant to prepare a report on the .budget so that Pilar could see where they were in the budget from week to week.     In the second meeting, Miguel attitude was totally different when he learned he was taken off of the account. He actually paid attention to Pilar instead of being full of himself and thinking he knew everything. He was defensive at first but quickly changed his attitude in order to find out what he could do to get the account back. The communication between Pilar and Miguel was more effective this time because he was not distracted because he was very concerned about what he had to do in order to get the account back.     The communication between Angela and Ralph was not effective in the first meeting. Angela missed two deadlines while working from home. The first missed...
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