Interpersonal Competence

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Since McCombs and Shaw (1972) proposed the theory, the outcomes of interpersonal communication in agenda setting have been investigated without fail but not towards a fixed conclusion and a mutual agreement. Due to all the studies and researches done, it has led to a union in two main communication theories; agenda setting, and two-step flow. People do not always receive information from the mass media. Considerable proofs suggesting how these two theories amalgamated were evidence but the end-product still remains vague. We are informed that the media sets the agenda of those who are media contingent, but oblique effects of two-step flow in the agenda-setting process have not been concluded. Even though the formation of two-step flow was based on explaining how media information exceed to the public rather than how the public scrutinise the importance of issues, it is reasonable to believe interpersonal communication plays some part in the agenda-setting process.

This study examined whether people who rely more on interpersonal communication have the same news and public affairs agenda as people who rely more on mass media. People evaluate and discuss their prior understanding of issues through interpersonal communication was reported by researchers studying the interpersonal network in political communication (Sotirovic & McLeod, 2001). Two-step flow theory suggests that an interpersonal group’s public affairs agenda has the tendency to be influenced by conversations with friends and relatives whom rely more on mass media. Those who are more media reliant will influence the agenda of the less-media reliant through conversations. A local random survey using a novel reliance measure was matched with a wide-ranging media content analysis. No differences in public agenda were found between the two information reliance groups. The findings induced a reconstruction on how news and public affairs information travel through audiences and create the basis of public opinion.

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Do people rely more on interpersonal communication or mass media in gaining news and public affairs agenda?

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Main Issue
The main issue or problem the author is focusing on in this article is whether people rely more on interpersonal communication or mass media in gaining news and public affairs agenda. A lot of studies regarding this issue were researched and studied in order to obtain and acquire the total and absolute answer. Specifically, the result still remains vague. It is still not precisely known whether interpersonal communication or mass media that plays the vital role in helping the people to gain and receive news and public affairs agenda. Researches and studies done has led to the convergence in two major theories in communication. The theories, agenda-setting theory and two-step flow theory, plays a vital character in determining whether people rely more on interpersonal communication or mass media in gaining news and public affairs agenda. 1.2 Key Concepts

The agenda-setting theory is the theory that the news media have a large influence on the audiences by their choice of what stories to consider newsworthy and how much prominence and space to give them. It offers the public a new way of thinking about the mass media’s power. Agenda-setting theory’s main purpose is salience transfer. Salience transfer is known to be the capability of the news...
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