Interpersonal Communication Journal Entry #1

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Chapter One
1.[Describe in a short paragraph how, in a recent conversation, your communication behavior contributed to your physical, relational, identity, spiritual, and instrumental needs. Which need or need took precedence? Why? Page 9]

When I think about a recent conversation that I had, I think about the conversation that I had with my best friend Jamie. We were in the car discussing our relationships with significant others and how it has affected us. We both gave each other advice and our opinions on each of our situations. We are very open with one another, not holding anything back concerning how we felt about our own situations and each other’s situations. In this conversation, I felt that my way of being open and honest with Jamie, allowed me to share my beliefs and values with her while also showing her who I am, of course in a respectful manner, demonstrating my spiritual and identity needs. I also chose to talk with her about my problem because it was bothering me, which allowed me release some stress, demonstrating my physical and relational needs. I wouldn’t consider this type of communication as instrumental, necessarily, but if you think that it helped my complete a day to day task of communicating with a friend, then yes, it was an instrumental need. When thinking about that conversation, I would feel that the two needs that took precedence would be my physical and relational needs. These were the two most important needs demonstrated talking about the situations helped my mental well-being, relieving some stress that I had accumulated. It also allowed me to become closer with Jamie, forming a bond, an even stronger bond. With expressing our opinions, respect was given to each other because we were both honest with one other about each other’s situations.

2.[Using the Internet to help you, look up a friend you’ve lost touch with and make contact with that person again. Even if you don’t communicate with long-term friends often, they...
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