Interpersonal Communication Final Project

Topics: Communication, Abelian group, Group Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: October 24, 2012
An experience i had in a group was last week in English class. we were assigned 4 to a group we had to come up with a story on how a teacher at our school was found dead. There was absolutely no communication in the group i was in, there was three boys and 1 girl. The girl wrote what ever she and this member in the group wanted. When myself and the other member of the try to give suggestions the girl did not respond well to our input, she just acted like she heard us and wrote what she wanted. The group began to form subgroups, two members who gave input but there suggestions were not used. The other two members wrote what they wanted, they didn’t even care what the other members of the group thought are u satisfied with the quality of comm.?

i was not satisfied with the quality of communication in my group. if how did communication affect your work in the group
since communication among the group was sub par the outcome of the presentation was not what i expected. if the group had communication with each other and not formed subgroups the outcome of our presentation would have been satisfactory. Only two members of the group ideas and input were used to write the story, and if all four members suggestions would have been used on this story the outcome of our presentation would have been greater then it was. the members of the group did not share there ideas, who knows what the outcome could have been if all members would have communicated with each other. this goes to show u if your in a group and there is lack of communication your project or what ever the group is working on out come will not be to your satisfaction. groups strengths/ weaknesses are?

Among my group there were many weaknesses and very little strengths. Our biggest weakness is the group forming in to subgroups. this cause the group to break up, one part of the group went one way the other half went the other direction. The subgroups came up with separate ideas, when one subgroup tried...
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