Interpersonal Communication Essay

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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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In order to learn more about interpersonal communication and how to improve my skills, I had conversations with two very different people. The first person that I spoke to was my mother. We are very close and it is easy to talk to her. On April 24, 2009, we sat outside on her deck and discussed the employment opportunities that will become available to me when I graduate from Penn Foster. The entire exercise took only fifteen minutes. My second conversation was about my previous job and what I could have done differently to resolve my problems. This conversation occurred on May 2, 2009, at my home. Currently there is not anyone in my life that I am uncomfortable speaking with, so I chose to speak to myself in a mirror. This had the effect of speaking to a large group of people that I didn’t know.

During the conversation with my mother, I was extremely relaxed. During the conversation, I realized that my posture was as relaxed as I was. I caught myself leaning against the wall with my feet and arms crossed. My arms were not crossed due to my unwillingness to listen, but because I was so comfortable. I have always been good with eye contact. I would make contact for several seconds then look away before resuming eye contact. I noticed that I smiled nearly the entire time that my mother and I spoke. There was also a giggle and a raised eyebrow or two. I believe my behavior was appropriate because of how well my mother and I know each other. My mother knows that my posture was relaxed and not lazy, uninterested, or unwilling to listen.

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While I was talking to myself in the mirror, I was not so relaxed. I chose the mirror to represent a person, or group of people that I am not comfortable...
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