Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication
January 24, 2011

Interpersonal communication
During my life span, I have learned as well as I am learning that in any relationship, whether social or in our business acquaintances, we try to persuade others by the use of rhetoric, the emotive power of language, euphemisms, rhetorical analogies, stereotyping, innuendo’s loaded questions, ridicule and sarcasm to win others to see our point of view. These are but a few of the tools that we use and I find that I am no stranger to most of them. I find that I must review from time to time my objectivity when it comes to the subject of psychological and related fallacies. Fallacy- according to Moore & Parker, (2007) Critical Thinking, 8th ed., cites that a fallacy is a mistake in reasoning. We can use for instance one that I am very familiar with being confronted with in the past and present. Since people generally accept fallacies as legitimate arguments, let us not include legitimate arguments as fallacies, I think about the argument from outrage. Say a person gets angry enough about something, and if one is in the theory of righteous indignation, it becomes much too easy; throw reason out the window and accept whatever alternative is being offered by the speaker just from indignation alone. Interpersonal communication (one on one) communicating allows me to observe and develop empathy and communicate effectively. In the Hair Salon business the personalities of my clientele varies on a daily basis. I have found that it is very important to remember that emotions and intellect both play major roles in managing strategic flexibility in my line of business. Some more recent experiences really tested my self-control, emotional intelligence, and listening skills. One tool I find is very useful is listening to the person speaking without commenting, and when I do comment I add a cordial explanation. This has a soothing affect most of the time. There are times that I try to share some personal thoughts with my clients, to make sure they understand me from a business point of view and a human point of view. Openness with any relationship you may hold some things to personal to share, but the one thing I share willingly is my spiritual life or how I manage with my ever-changing roles as a cosmetologist, student, and all other variables that are forever changing in my day-to-day experiences. I have to say to this, at times, I must be subjective, sometimes, objective and to the best of my ability I try to be as self-disclosed whenever possible, so they may know me. I believe that this makes for good communicating/communication in the long term. However I find that verbal skills, emotional expressiveness(when appropriate) conversational focus, nonverbal analysis, as well as conversational encouragement and appreciation along with commitment will render the client the best service and facilitate my business more than a marginal edge toward success. In class, we have discussed such attributes as attitudes, beliefs, cultural information, nonverbal communication, and evaluating and improving relationships just to name a few. At this point, I would add mirror-image perceptions. One of its most important elements to recognize in any type of relationship is not to fall victim to celebrating self-sacrifice and suppression of criticism (Myers, 2008). Robert Holland and colleagues (2005) premise is that our thinking and acting are primed by events of which we are unaware of; they viewed depressed moods which explains negative associations when in a good mood, the past is viewed in a more brighter, positive recollection(p. 76). For me mood in a particular physiological and or psychological state, depending on which mood I am in, my perception has been known to be affected one way or another. I try to remember once I rethink a situation that my first impression is usually correct, but have been known to err. On those...
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