Interpersonal and Group Dynamics

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Types of biases the theory addresses
Why does the bias occur?
Sources or drives of bias
Moderators of Theory
Reduction of Bias

Alderfer, C.P., & Smith, K.K. (1982). Studying inter-group relations embedded in organizations. Administrative Science Quarterly, 27(1), 35-65.

Embedded Inter-group Theory
- Inter-group discrimination
- Racial discrimination
- Inter-group conflict
- Feelings of superiority and inferiority
- Discrimination amongst co-workers, supervisors and other organizations. - Gender discrimination
- Individuals are continuously trying to create a sense of balance between the challenging demands and expectations depending on membership in their identity and organizational groups. - Discrimination arises when employees think that they are being ill-treated while others being treated fairly. - Cognitive basis of inter-group differentiation

- Perceived discrimination
- Group diversification within the members group.
- Power and position of the individual within a group.
-Differentiation in hierarchal position.

- Regular use of evaluation tools such as employee opinion surveys, focus groups, exit interviews, and an analysis of patterns of employee grievances. - Investigate discriminatory incidents and take steps to resolve and gaps in perceptions. - Communicate this to the employees early-on in their careers. - Special training to handle such matters.

- Diversity awareness
- Mentoring programs

Ashforth, B., & Mael, F. (1989). Social identity theory and the organization. Academy of Management Review, 14(1), 20-39.

Brown, R. (2000). Social Identity Theory: past achievements, current problems and future challenges. European Journal of Social Psychology, 30, 745-778.

Social-Identity Theory
- Categorization
- Feelings of superiority...
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