Internt Technologies

Topics: Internet, Computer network, Wireless Pages: 36 (10073 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Chapter 6
Telecommunications, the Internet and Wireless Technology

Student Objectives

1. Describe the components of telecommunications networks and identify key networking technologies. 2. Evaluate transmission media and the types of networks available to organizations. 3. Demonstrate how the Internet and Internet technology work and how they support communication and e-business. 4. Identify and describe the principal technologies and standards for wireless networking, communication, and Internet access. 5. Assess the business value of radio frequency identification and wireless sensor networks.

Chapter Outline

6.1Telecommunications and Networking in Today’s Business World

Networking and Communication Trends
What is a Computer Network?
Key Digital Networking Technologies
6.2Communications Networks
Physical Transmission Media
6.3The Global Internet
What is the Internet?
Internet Addressing and Architecture
Internet Services and Communication Tools
The World Wide Web
Intranets and Extranets
6.4The Wireless Revolution
Cellular Systems
Wireless Computer Networks and Internet Access
RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks
6.5Hands-On MIS

Key Terms

The following alphabetical list identifies the key terms discussed in this chapter. The page number for each key term is provided.

| |Network operating system (NOS), 193 | |Bandwidth, 200 |Packet switching, 194 | |Blog, 212 |Peer-to-peer, 197 | |Bluetooth, 214 |Personal-area networks (PANs), 214 | |Broadband, 192 |Personal digital assistants (PDAs), 213 | |Bus topology, 198 |Protocol, 195 | |Cable Internet connections, 201 |Radio frequency identification (RFID), 217 | |Cell phone, 200 |Ring topology, 198 | |Chat, 204 |Router, 193 | |Coaxial cable, 199 |RSS, 212 | |Digital subscriber line (DSL), 201 |Search engines, 209 | |Domain name, 201 |Search engine marketing, 210 | |Domain name systems (DNS), 201 |Semantic Web, 211 | |E-mail, 204 |Shopping bots, 211 | |Fiber-optic cable, 199 |Smart phones, 213 | |File Transfer Protocol (FTP), 204 |Star topology, 198 | |Firewalls, 212 |Switch, 193 | |Hertz, 200 |T1 lines, 201...
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