Topics: Employment, Intern, Cooperative education Pages: 8 (2889 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The Impact of Internships on Graduate Employability

Module: BKEY501, Research and Professional Practice

Module Leader: Stanka Winch

Seminar Teacher: Lorna Brooks

Author: Kavita Bhakar

Student ID: W13289483

Date: 5th November 2012

Word Count: 1,798

University of Westminster


Executive Summary2
1.0 Introduction4
2.0 The current graduate labour market both general and specific4
2.1 UK general graduate labour market4
2.2 UK retail labour market5
3.0 What is an Internship?5
4.0 The effect on employability of internship Vs non-Internship candidates5
4.0 Skills, knowledge & aptitudes required from internships to enter the market6
5.0 A normal career path for a post internship candidate in retail7
6.0 Medium and long term prospects for employment post internship7
6.1 Medium term prospects7
6.2 Long term prospects7
7.0 The value of internships8
8.0 Conclusion9
9.0 Recommendations9

Executive Summary

This literature review has been written for the purpose of evaluating and analysing the impact an internship can make on employability as a graduate. The format of a literature review was chosen to critically analyse published articles and journals. As Saunders evaluated (Saunders & Lewis, 2011) when we compare and contrast researchers’ findings about each theme, we are writing critically. Writing critically allows one to gather viable information on a given topic, place it all in a review format and thus helping us to form our own views based on these (Saunders et al, 2009). This literature review will begin by introducing the topic of discussion, which is, the impact of internships on graduate employability. Subsequently, an analysis of the current labour market generally and retail specific will be provided. It was found that although employability for graduates is lower than it was 10 years ago, recent figures it has increased again in 2012, however mainly in part-time rotas. Statistics and figures from Highfliers and the National association of colleges and employers provide us with facts of the labour market and the effect that internship have on job acquisitions. Subsequently, a review of what an internship is, its importance, value and employability prospects will be examined. This will be supported by the works of Kokemuller, Sweitzer and King, who discuss the value and benefits of internships. Hillman, who shares his views on the importance of internship, Fox, Beggs, Ross, and Goodwin substantiate the importance internships have for graduates. The value of internships will be discredited by Perlin, who discusses the way organisations are exploiting students into unpaid and unjust internships, that have no beneficial effect on careers. Throughout this review a brief outlook on the retail sector will be provided. Additionally a general career path for a graduate with previous internship experience entering the retail industry will be examined, thus showing the importance internships have when entering the retail job market. Finally, the review will conclude on the findings and a recommendation will be made on how to improve the current stance of the graduate labour market. 1.0 Introduction

One of the main goals of higher education is to prepare students for a future career (Santiago, 2009). Any form of higher education, is without a doubt a beneficial way to gain more understanding of a job sector, but is it really enough to prepare students for the demands of the world beyond an educational institution? In the ‘real’ world expectations are higher and work becomes more challenging, so how can one prepare themselves for the inevitable path of searching for employment? what has the ability to build a graduate with the skills and practical knowledge necessary for most of our worlds industries? Internship have become a major factor in the curricula and has been actively pursued as a viable procedure for bridging the...
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