Internship with Daimler South East Asia

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List of Figures usediii
1. Introduction1
1.1 Purpose1
1.2 Scope1
2. Projects2
2.1 Microsoft Outlook Migration2
2.1.1 Follow-up with users2
2.1.2 Resolving Issues4
2.2 Network Compliance7
2.2.1 Compliance Report – UsersIrregular9
2.2.2 Compliance Report – ClientsInvalidName11
2.2.3 Compliance Report - ServersPotunused36513
2.2.4 Compliance Report – PasswordNeverExpiresWOE15
2.2.5 Other Compliance Reports17
2.3 Online Resource Booking19
2.4 Other Projects23
3. Conclusion26


The 22 week Industrial Attachment programme is a core module of the Engineering Undergraduate degree at Nanyang Technological University. The following report presents the projects undertaken by the author and the tasks performed by him at his attachment organisation - Daimler South East Asia Pte. Ltd. from 9th July, 2012 to 8th December, 2012. During his attachment at Daimler South East Asia Pte. Ltd., the author worked on multiple projects for their Information Technology Infrastructure-Overseas department under the supervision of their Technical Manager of Singapore. The main projects undertaken by the author involved: * Following up with users in the Singapore Organisational units on migration of user mailboxes from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. * Ensuring Network Compliance for the Active Directory of the Singapore division of Daimler AG according to policies laid down by the headquarters at Stuttgart, Germany. * Developing and implementing an online booking system for meeting rooms and equipment for various departments. The author also worked on other projects which are briefly discussed in this report.


Firstly, the author would like to thank Nanyang Technological University’s Career and Attachment Office for their efforts in sourcing the Industrial attachment with Daimler South East Asia Pte. Ltd. The author is extremely thankful to Daimler South East Asia Pte. Ltd. and Mr. Ryan Ong, the author’s supervisor, for providing him a wonderful learning experience through this attachment. Mr. Ryan Ong played an important role in the author’s industrial attachment by - providing challenging projects with the freedom to operate independently and make decisions, besides giving timely valuable criticism and explaining queries patiently to help understand the author’s projects better, thereby guiding him through the course of this attachment. The author is also thankful to his colleagues at Daimler South East Asia Pte. Ltd. - Mr. Liang Zhanrong, Ms. Hyacinth Pichay, Mr. Clinston Tan and Mr. Shaun Tay for their assistance and support during the attachment. Last but not the least, the author is highly grateful to Prof. Yvonne Lam Ying Hung, his attachment supervisor from Nanyang Technological University, for her interest and support for the attachment. The author would like to thank Prof. Yvonne Lam Ying Hung for taking time out of her busy schedule to visit him at his workplace and provide valuable constructive feedback which encouraged him to strive better.


Fig 1.Outlook poster prepared for display across common areas in office Fig 2.Follow-up email sent by users to ensure successful migration Fig 3.Spread sheet shared among the management on Migration progress Fig 4.Push installation performed to install Lync using SDWI Fig 5.SSDM tool being run to transfer archive and encrypted emails to Outlook Fig 6.Archive emails made available to users after running SSDM Fig 7.Conformity report generated monthly by the Active Directory Service Desk Fig 8.UsersIrregular list created using admin.NET

Fig 9. Removal of irregular user accounts using admin.NET
Fig 10.Clients Invalid Name report generated from admin.NET Fig 11.Account locked in admin.NET and deleted 2 weeks...
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