Internship Template

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Internship Template
Insert type of internship (marketing, public relations)
Insert name of interning organization
Insert street address of interning organization
Insert city, state, zip
Insert phone number (if applicable)
Insert web site (if applicable)

Internship objective:
About the interning organization:
Interning organizations mission:
Semesters interns are needed: fall, spring, summer I & summer II (any or all) Number of interns needed: (specific number or range)

Start date: On or near the first day of the semester registered, negotiable

End date: On or near the Friday before finals week of the semester registered, negotiable

Hours per week: 10-15 hours per week/depending upon the number of weeks scheduled to intern.

Academic qualifications: (Example: Declared major in Communication Studies, Organizational Communication, Public Relations, Journalism or a declared minor in Communication).

Desired skills and qualifications: Student interns should (list any specific skills or qualifications)

Description of intern responsibilities:


Intern sponsor (at the interning organization):

Credit: College credit toward communication major, minor or general electives. One hour of college credit is earned for a minimum of 40 hours of work, up to a maximum of 3 credit hours per semester.

Interested students should contact:

Evaluation: The evaluation will be completed by the Western Michigan University School of Communication Coordinator of Undergraduate Internships, and will be based upon the following: ❖ The student’s journal/log of all intern activities ❖ The student’s copy of all work produced, including progress made toward submitted learning objectives ❖ A final paper evaluating the internship based on what the student has learned in their academic courses. ❖ The internship sponsor’s mid-internship evaluation ❖ The internship sponsor’s end of the internship evaluation

Method of...
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