Internship Report on World Call

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Strategic management Pages: 28 (7136 words) Published: August 24, 2012
On World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd.
Specialization in Marketing
Submitted To
The Chairman
Department of Business Administration
I bow my head before almighty Allah with gratatitude. My indebt ness and salute too many individuals who have helped shape this report cannot adequately be conveyed in a few sentences. However, I must once again recall my indebt ness to lot of former fellows and contemporary colleagues who took the time and trouble during the last few days to speak to me about the ways this text could be further improved. It is most appropriate to mention the ingenuity of respected teacher Sir, who provide me an opportunity to enhance the management skills from a well established organization It is my privilege and honors to my express my deep gratitude and in calculating thanks to the DGM of World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd. Multan especially to Muhammad Imran Ahmed Sheikh and Muhammad Saleem (Branch Manager Multan Office) who provided me an opportunity to work in the environment where quality is every thing. I bow my sp e c i a l t h a n k s t o Mr. Razzak Paracha (Executive Director World Call Telecommunication

Pvt Ltd Lahore) who is very kind to me during my internship
World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd.
Abul Hassan Farooq Roll No M-577526 2
List of Contents
No Contents Page No
1 Acknowledgment 1
2 List of Contents 2
3 Preface 3
4 Vision 4
5 Mission Statement 5
6 Introduction 6
7 Objective of Studying The Organization 7
8 Over View & Brief History of Organization 8
9 Nature of Organization 9
10 Business Volume of Last Six Years 10
11 Seven Years Financial Performance 14
12 Operating Results of World Call Telecommunication 15
13 Profile of Employees 18
14 Product Line 19
15 Organizational Structure 21
16 Main Offices of Organization 25
17 Marketing Operations 27
18 Function of the Marketing Department 32
19 Product Planning Development and Management 35
20 Price Strategy 40
21 Distribution Strategy 41
22 Distribution Channel 44
23 Promotional Strategy 45
24 Critical Analysis of Theoretical Concepts relating Practical Experience
25 Competitors 50
26 Future Prospects 51
27 Short Fall Weaknesses of the Marketing Department
SWOT Analysis
28 Conclusion and Recommendations 54
29 Reference and Sources Used 57
30 Annexes 58
31 Business Volume of Last Five Years 59
MBA degree is more practical one compared to other Master degree. Majority of the studies includes practical work and experience to give students a closer look of the business work and its requirements. That is the degree holder can adjust themselves easily in al kinds of businesses and industrial environments. Final project of planning is a part of that series. It is an integral part of degree at AIOU ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY. It helps students to understand the practical work and know about working of an organization. To meet this purpose the AIOU REGIONAL CAMPUS MULTAN assigned us the above project at World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd Multan. In this short period we have learned a lot about an organization.

The first part is the introduction of the organization. The second part is the methodology. The third is the limitations while the forth is about SWOT and conclusion. We hope this report will provide a clear inside picture of World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd to its readers and they will know much more the planning.

We at World call are committed to achieving dynamic growth and service excellence by being at the cutting edge of technological innovation. We strive to consistently meet and surpass customers’ employees’ and stake-holders’ expectations by offering state-of-the-art telecom solutions with national & international footprints. We feel pride in making efforts to position World call and Pakistan in the forefront of International Arena.

In the...
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