Internship Report on Ptcl

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ERP-Accounts & Finance

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Faisal Rasheed

Internship Report on PTCL

Purpose Of Internship

The purpose of this internship is to understand how the practical work is performed in a computer based ERP solution. In addition, to practically learn concepts which have been learned theoretically in education and to develop the understanding of the function performed by ERP Accounts and Finance.

Scope of Internship

In six weeks training span, it is difficult to understand every work flow of each Sub sections of Accounts & Finance department because of its huge volume of work.

The main focus was in the FICO module including General Ledger, creation of vendors, Customers, issuance/Receiving of advance, parking of invoices, posting and payment/receipt of invoices and cheque printing, Addition in Defaulters, Bad debts Provisions, Adjustment of Provision, and Recovery from Defaulter.

Constitution and ownership, Mission, Vision & Core Values

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (“the holding Company”) was incorporated in Pakistan on December 31, 1995 and commenced business on January 01, 1996. The Company is listed on Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges. The Company was established to undertake the telecommunication business formerly carried on by Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation (PTC). The business was transferred to the Company on January 01, 1996 under the

Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 at which date the Company took over all the properties, rights, assets, obligations and liabilities of PTC except those transferred to National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), Frequency Allocation Board (FAB), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust (PTET). The registered office of the Company is situated at PTCL Headquarters, G-8/4, Islamabad. As a consequence of PTCL’s privatization during 2006, 26 % of its shares were acquired by Etisalat International Pakistan LLC, based in the UAE.

Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML)

PTML was incorporated in Pakistan on July 18, 1998, as a public limited company, to provide cellular mobile telephony services in Pakistan. PTML commenced its commercial operations on January 29, 2001, under the brand name of Ufone . It is a wholly owned subsidiary of PTCL. The registered office of PTML is situated at F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

Maskatiya Communications (Private) Limited (MAXCOM)

On March 01, 2010 the holding Company acquired 100 % shares of MAXCOM. MAXCOM has been voluntarily wound up, effective June 01, 2011 based on a special resolution passed by the members of MAXCOM. The net assets of MAXCOM have been transferred to PTCL at a book value amounting to Rs 68,382 thousand and the goodwill related to acquisition of MAXCOM has been written off during the year.

PTCL Corporate Vision

To be the leading ICT service provider in the region by achieving customers’ satisfaction and maximizing shareholders’ value.

PTCL Mission

• To achieve our vision by having:
• An organizational environment that fosters
• professionalism, motivation and quality.
• An environment that is cost effective and quality
• conscious.
• Services that are based on the most optimum
• technology.
• “Quality” and “Time” conscious customer services. • Sustained growth in earnings and profitability.

PTCL Core Values

• Professional Integrity
• Customer Satisfaction
• Teamwork
• Company Loyalty

Organizational Structure Accounts & Finance Department Related to ERP Only

Under the President & C.E.O, total 9 department head Including seven S.E.V.P’s, C.T.O and C.I.O are working each one is responsible for...
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