Internship Report on Gfc

Topics: Human resource management, Corporation, Human resources Pages: 27 (7281 words) Published: January 18, 2012
Prepared By: Farhan Ahmad
Roll No: 0802090-059
Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences
University of Gujrat

A six weeks internship report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of the

Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences
University of Gujrat
Under Roll No: 08020920-059
The Internship report of Mr. Farhan Ahmad
is approved:

------------------------------------------------------------- Internship Supervisor

Letter of Transmittal
The Coordinator,
Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences
University of Gujrat
Subject: Submission of Internship Report
Dear Sir,
I acknowledge with my cordial thanks the co operation & encouragement you provided and it gives me great pleasure in submitting my report to you. With regard to the opportunities you provided, I tried entirely to figure out something about fan industry and its requisite prospects. During my 6 weeks training session I have gathered & learned a great experience for myself .finally I entirely enjoyed this assembling of term paper with your renowned institution, mortal support & encouragement. I should be glad and ready to co-operation with whatever you may ask for further clarification. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Farhan Ahmad
Roll No: 08020920-059


I dedicate this internship report to all the employees of GFC (Pvt.) Ltd.Whose kind guidance and help, during my stay in metro, made me to learn a lot about different tasks at professional level. At this moment I also want to give a tribute to my teachers by dedicating this report to Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences, University of Gujrat.

Contents Page No.
Letter of Transmittal 05 Acknowledgement 06
Executive Summary 07
1.Introduction of Organization08
Brief History08
Company’s Credential 14
Company’s Achievements16
Company’s Certificates 17
Type Of Company 19
Hierarchical Level Of Company_____20
Boards Of Directors_____21
Communication Model 22
2.Company’s Departments__23
2.1. Purchase Department24
2.2. Inspection Department26
2.3. Production Department27
2.4. Sales and Marketing Department30
2.5. Research and Development31
2.6. Internal Audit31
2.7. Export & Import Department32
2.8. Accounts Department34
2.9. Human Resource Management37
2.10. Field of Activity37
3. Other Learning43
4. Objectives of Studying the Organization 44
5. The Business Principles of GFC 44 6. Suggestions48
7. References51
8. Appendix52
9. Contacts of Internee and Organization 54

General Fans Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Is one of the top most Fan manufacturers in Pakistan which is recognized for best quality and design in Fan Industry. It is a great honor for me that I have completed my six week internship as per degree requirements in HR department of GFC. There are several departments working in GFC which include: •Purchases

Raw material inspection
Sales and Marketing
Research and Development
Accounts Department
Human Resources Management
Internal Audit
Export & Import
I was first assigned to the HR department for first four weeks and then rotated to different departments in the last few weeks so that I may understand the workings and collaboration of different departments. It was a very good experience in GFC and I observed every department and its working keenly and gave my suggestions to...
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