Internship Report on Front Office

Topics: Dhaka, Hotel, Hotel chains Pages: 13 (2316 words) Published: February 2, 2013


1. History of hotels:
1.1 History of hotels in the world----------------------------------- 1.2 History of hotels in Dhaka----------------------------------- 1.3 History of Swiss Garden Hotel --------------------------------- 2. Introduction

2.1 Introduction of Hotel Crown Plaza---------------------------- 2.2 Objectives of Hotel Crown Plaza Hotel------------------------ 2.3 Mission statement------------------------------------------------ 2.4 Vision-------------------------------------------------------------- 2.5 Values-------------------------------------------------------------- 3 .Marketing mix

3.1 Product--------------------------------------------------------------- 3.2 Price---------------------------------------------------------------- 3.3 Place--------------------------------------------------------------- 3.4 Promotion--------------------------------------------------------- 3.5 Services------------------------------------------------------------ 3.6 Controls------------------------------------------------------------ 3.7 Keys to success---------------------------------------------------16 4. Jon satisfaction & Job description:1

4.1 Job title--------------------------------------------------------------17 4.2 Job specification----------------------------------------------------17 4.3 Job description-----------------------------------------------------17 4.4 Job responsibilities------------------------------------------------17 4.4.1 Work on outlook-----------------------------------------18 4.5 New skills which I have learned----------------------------------18 4.6 Problems & challenges faced------------------------------------1  

5. Analysis--------------------------------------------------------------5 5.1 SWOT analysis------------------------------------------21 5.1.1 Strength-------------------------------------------21 5.1.2Weaknesses-----------------------------------------23 5.1.3 Opportunities-------------------------------------------25 5.1.4 Threats--------------------------------------------------26 5.2 PEST analysis------------------------------------------ 5.2.1 Political analysis---------------------------------28 5.2.2 Economical analysis--------------------------29

5.2.3 Social analysis---------------------------30
5.2.4 Technological analysis---------------------------30 6Rrecommendation & learning’s:
5.3 Recommendations---------------------------------31 5.4 Positive learning’s-------------------------------------32 5.5 Challenges---------------33
7. Bibliography: ----------------------------------------


It is compulsory internship report which was assigned to me, for this I have to do internship and I did in Hotel Crown Plaza for six 06 weeks, and I am making this reporton the experience gained with that internship. This was my first working experience outside before this, I have worked with my father, overall it was an excellent experience regarding to learning and face to face conversation. Hotel crown plaza is the 4rth star hotel in the heart of Islamabad which is blue area, it’s aluxurious hotel and handles all type of functions like business meeting. Weddingfunctions. And other social functions.Hotel Crown Plaza business mostly revolve around the business employees andexecutives, They have their crown club cards which is made to give discount to businessclass guests , then there is a outdoor catering facilities, conference rooms , andrestaurants. My job was their was an internee is sales & marketing department, which is makingreservation and listening phone calls. But I have learned much...
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