Internship Report Guidelines

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Taylor’s University School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts Bachelor’s Degree

The present document aims to propose a structure for the redaction of the Internship Report, that must be submitted after the completion of the first internship in all the Bachelor’s Degree programme (Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts). These guidelines take into consideration the requirements from the jury that will be evaluating the training report submitted.

1. Cover
Please follow the Model given page 6 of this document.

2. Overall Structure of the INTERNSHIP Report
 Cover page  Evaluation Form  Table of Content  Internship Report Introduction 1) Internship placement profile 2) Schedule, Duties, Challenges and Learning Outcome Conclusion  Appendixes  Internship appraisal forms Following the above structure is compulsory - except for appendixes.

Max 15 pages, including appendixes

IR Guidelines

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Taylor’s University School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts Bachelor’s Degree

3. Content of Industrial Training Report
This report aims to relate and analyze the experience of the student during their industrial training. It should cover 10 to 15 pages according to the following structure.

Introduction: (1 page MAXIMUM)
 Justification for the choice of internship placement (for ex-diploma students, explained if the internship represent a continuity with diploma placement) Example: choosing Hilton hotel for internship was guided by the desire to be exposed to …….  Explained the learning outcome you were expecting before starting the internship. Example: Regarding the learning experience I could have in a 5 stars hotel, my main expectation was to be able to improve my cooking skills from a technical point of view (Hoping to be more efficient and accurate in term of cutting, cooking techniques) but also from a organizational point of view by ……)  Introduction of the Internship Report (IR) content and structure Example: The first part of the IR will be dedicated to explain in details the various task I did during my internship….

1) Internship Placement
You are required in this part to complete the table below. You must at least supply the content expected for each box. You are required to adapt the content based on your respective training. The content can be written in essay form or by using bullet form but must remain as a table. Content expected: Give the full name of the company you trained in and the opening date. NAME OF THE COMPANY & OPENING DATE

Example: Hilton Kuala Lumpur Opened in 1997 Content expected: Explain if the company belong to a bigger group of companies and describe briefly the group.


Example: Westin hotels belong to the Starwood hotel group that…………….. If the company you trained in does not belong to a group, please remove this line from the table. Content expected: you are required to explain briefly where the company is located and try to justify why the company was implemented in that location?.


Example: Hilton Kuala Lumpur, is located on top of KL sentral station, the main………… The location is highly strategic for a hotel since the KL express arrival is located ….. Do not cut and paste the location description from the hotel or company website, write the content with your own words.

IR Guidelines

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Taylor’s University School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts Bachelor’s Degree Content expected: Explain briefly the main target market of the company, in term of nationalities, occupation, social profile (couple? Family?) and justify why the product/services supplied by the company match with the target market. Example: The company is clearly targeting business travellers, coming for few days. The clientele is mostly coming from South East Asian Countries (Thailad etc) …………………. Content expected: Introduce briefly the main...
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