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Internship Report

03/01/2012 – 27/01/2012


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First I would like to thank --------- and ---------- to have accepted me doing this internship.

I am very grateful to my advisors ------------------- and --------------------- for their continuous help, support and time during the entire course of my internship. I am also very grateful to all the staff members at RAWBANK, especially ----------------- and --------------- for their guidance and encouragements.


This report summarizes my unique experience as an intern in the best Congolese bank during the month of January.

This internship report covers every single detail of my internship: firstly I will give you the description of the application process I went through and then a detailed description of the company, the job, and the departments I worked in, alongside with my learning outcomes. I will then provide you with a conclusion of my experience at Rawbank.

During my internship at RAWBANK I had the chance to overlook very interesting services such as electronic banking service, the correspondent banking service, treasury department, the retail credit service, marketing and communication services, back and front office operations, the quality service, the secretariat, but also the cashier VIP and Moneygram.

I was able to perform a good performance and to bring enough efforts to overcome the difficulties I was having.


During my last year at school, I had a hard time finding and securing an internship because I didn’t realize the importance of networking and connections in this globalized world. I wanted to go through the exactly the same process everybody else goes through without external help. It was something new to me because I never worked before or even looked for a job. I was really under pressure because for a while I did not get any answers from the organizations I had applied to. As the deadline was getting closer I had one answer from a company that I wasn’t interested in. I took the opportunity. This year I organized myself earlier than I did for my senior year of high school. Finding an internship can be a very challenging task. I proceeded to search internships through application process available online on companies’ website. I set the bar very high, as I applied to major banks such as citibank and ING. Unfortunately none of thos institutions gave me positive responses.

I finally decided to join my parents in Congo and perform my internship in a Congolese bank. As my father is a banker I could not allow myself to get an internship in another bank. Knowing that the school did not want relation between students and companies so I asked the company a letter confirming that there would be no connection between my father and me. I contacted the bank manager, I sent my resume and was accepted for my month internship in January at:

Chapter 1: Description of the company

RAWBANK S.A.R.L was established in May under Congolese law with the authorisation of the Central Bank of Congo and is authorized to carry out commercial banking activities by presidential decree No. 040/2001 of august 2001. RAWBANK is one of the activities of the family group Rawji which started its activities in DRC in 1922. The group controls a group of companies operationg mainly in the DRC, involved in distribution, industry, logistics, proprety, ports and financial services. Previously, in 1989, some of the family members had decided to create a bank, but the problems that the country had at that time did not permit this and the idea was rejected. Today, strong of a ground expertise acquired since 1922 in the trading and industry in Congo and surrounded since its creation in 2002 by specialists of the banking and finance, Rawbank focus its efforts on the...
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