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  • Published : January 19, 2009
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Practical Training Report

Program: Bachelor in Accountancy (Hons)

My practical training started on 2nd of June 2008 and it was in one of the big four audit firm which is Klynveld, Peat Marwick and Goerdeler or also known as KPMG. It is situated in Bandar Utama, Damanasara. I’m not the only one that did my practical there. There are 120 students from various universities mainly from Multimedia University and UiTM itself. All of us are known as “Vacation Trainee”.

We were gladly welcomed to the company. On the 3rd day we are there, we have to attend a welcoming talk from the Head of Human Resource Department, Mr Ivo. During the talk, we are exposed to the matters about the company such as the history of the firm and the company’s policy and many more. The introductory talk ends at lunch time. After lunch hour, we were given a test like the one they have to employ a new auditor. We have to sit for mathematical and English test. Once we are done with the tests, then only we are assigned to our respective department and seniors. I myself was assigned to Audit – G department and my senior in charge is Ameenudin Khali Kassim. The days in KPMG were very valuable. To show their appreciation to us for choosing the firm to do our practical training, we are treated to a welcoming lunch in Sushi Groove and also brought to watch a movie fully sponsored by the firm.

During the 6 month period, I was exposed to the audit work and auditors’ life as well. Although it is stated in our contract that our working hours are from 830 am until 530 pm only, but to gain extra knowledge, we tend to stay back until night. I spend my first one and a half month doing admin and clerical work such as Photostatting and filing. But as time goes by, I finally gain my senior’s trust and was given audit work statutory audit and entrusted to hold certain sections in the current audit file such as properties, plant and equipments, payroll, trade payables and receivables as well...
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