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Topics: Boiler, Thermal power station, Coal Pages: 11 (3505 words) Published: March 7, 2013
The resinous project of Rajasthan, the Super Thermal Power Station, and Suratgarh is situated near village Thukrana about 27 km. from Suratgarh city in sriganganar district. The site was considered an ideal location for setting up a thermal power station due to availability of land, water, transmission line and cheap labour.

A total land area of 5029 bighas been acquired for the power station and 12 km. long constructed from national highway no. 15near birdhwal railway station to plant site. A private railway line of 17 km. has been constructed for coal supply from railway station to plant site along with private railway station at birdhwal and at STPS site. The water availability is also good because the INDRA GANDHI CANAL is 5 km. away from power plant. In the STPS transportation facility is also very good. Development consultant to the project. The civil work of the powerhouse building and township were awarded to m/s RSBCC Ltd. Jaipur a govt. of Rajasthan undertaking.

First of all coal zone and collection of coal comes in miles by the mean of CHP (Coal Handling Plant). CHP is the biggest site of coal like belt conveyors, bunker or crusher house etc. Belt conveyor is used to lift the coal, cleaning collection or hammering process in the Bunker or Crasher House and Stacker &declaimer device is used to store or collect the coal in coal yard. The size of coal which enters the mill is about 25mm each. The ball and tube mill is used in the power station. The coal, which was entering in the mill, grinds in the mill up to the powdered form. This powdered form of coal sends to the boiler Furnace where this coal burns and generate heat.

Initially the liquid fuel (Diesel + Stream) is used to generate the heat. The air is also used with coal in furnace for generating the flame heat. Water flow in tube which is mounted around a wall of boiler, this water comes on the drum after crossing the Economizer because the purpose of goes on aborting heat at constant pressure and is evident by rise in the temperature. A stage reaches where water begins to boil and there is no rise in temperature at this stage stream is formed.

Burnt coal converts in to ash some one of flue gasses because the temperature of flue gasses is very high so if we went to increase the efficiency of the system these flue gasses flow in many stages like, Super heater, air preheater & Economizer.

After passing the flue gasses the temperature of steam, which was flows in super heater, is rises. When the flue gasses in the air preheater passes the temperature increases. At the last stage when the flue gasses flows in the Economizer the temperature of water which can feed into boiler dream is also increase.

After passing few stages the flue gasses taken from boiler by IDM (Intermediate Draft Fan) and send to chimney through ESP (Electro Static Precipitator). The Electro Static Precipitator which use electric force to remove the dust from the gases steam some ash send to ash dyke threw pipes in a slurry form with the help of number of pumps. Boiler drum is situated at the top of the furnace throw the boiler tubes which are situated in the furnace. The water is used to produce steam. First of all water comes in Economizer after this its temperature increases up to 307°c. After this water goes in the boiler drum and heater, which are mounted on the top of the furnace, then the water flows in the tubes. These tubes are connected with the flame in the furnace. Due to heating the water converted into the steam. This steam is collected in boiler drum. The temperature of the steam is about 538°c with the help of super heater. First of all steam flows threw HP (High Pressure) Turbine at a pressure of 150kg/cm² and there is expansion of steam in turbine at a temperature of 340°c and the pressure of 340kg/cm² and gives the mechanical work for this the rotor rotates at some speed. This steam is again heated with the help of super heater and this heated steam is...
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