Internship Report

Topics: Unilever, Lever Brothers, Chittagong Pages: 34 (7959 words) Published: December 22, 2012
1. Introduction:

1.1. Origin of the report

This report was assigned as an internship program of BBA Program, IBA, in Unilever Bangladesh Limited (UBL). In accordance with the specifications of the Program, the author will complete the 10 week period of the internship at the organization.

The report will be prepared under the Academic Advisor, Mr. Mohammad Addul Momen, Professor, IBA and Official Advisor, Mr. Nafees Anwar, Senior Brand Manager, UBL.

1.2. Background of the project

In the fast moving consumer goods sector of Bangladesh, Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. (UBL) is one of the most prominent companies. With many big brands like Wheel, Fair & Lovely, Lux, Sunsilk, Close-up, Vim; UBL has firmly established as the market leader in almost all the industries it operates in. In the Dishwashing products, Unilever was the first company in Bangladesh to introduce dishwashing powder (Vim Powder). Since then UBL is the market leader in the utensil cleaner market. Currently it has Vim Powder, Vim Bar and Vim Liquid in its portfolio for the utensil cleaner market.

Although Vim Powder and Vim Bar are by far the leaders in their own segments (powder market and bar market), Unilever had very little success in liquid dishwashing segment of the market with Vim Liquid. Currently with approximately one-fourth market share of the liquid dishwashing market compared to Reckitt Bankiser (Trix) having more than half of the total market share, UBL needs to take aggressive steps to improve the sales and distribution reach of Vim Liquid to compete with the main competitor – Trix.

The internship project is to devise a plan (from the trade and distribution side) and execute it in the Dhaka and Chittagong Metro regions (as these two are the biggest regions for the liquid dishwashing market) to increase the sales (400% of the current sales rate).

1.3. Problem statement

From the introduction of Vim Liquid in Bangladesh market in December 2000, it had almost no success in both the consumer and trade side. There seems to be very little trade push or consumer pull of the brand. The very few initiatives to drive the brand also were not successful. Since the internship project only looks into the trade aspect (not the consumer aspect), the specific problem statement for Vim Liquid is:

“There is Very Little Trade Push of Vim Liquid, which is resulting in low sale figures.”

1.4. Objective

1.4.1. Broad objective

• To understand the market reasons for Vim liquid not being the market leader. • To develop and implement a plan (from the trade perspective) to increase the primary sales (400% of the current runrate) in Dhaka and Chittagong metro region.

1.4.2. Specific objective

• Develop the trade perspective of the dishwashinging market. • Develop the consumer perspective of the dishwashing market. • Identify key growth areas to drive Vim Liquid – region wise, channel wise • Identify need gaps in the brand mix Vim Liquid vis-à-vis Trix. • Develop a comprehensive, aggressive plan with return on investment analysis to drive distribution and trade activities to boost the sales rate. • Identify possible reactions of the competitors to encounter the trade activation. • Implement the total plan with direct involvement in every phase and ensure positive return of the overall project.

1.5. Study Design

This is primarily an exploratory study on the liquid dishwashing market dynamics in Bangladesh. In addition to that, developing effective modality (with ROI analysis) to exploit the market opportunities with possible implementation is also the part of the study.

1.5.1. Scope of the Study

This study will analyze the reasons in the trade level for Vim liquid’s not being the market leader; consumer level insights will not be covered in depth in the report.

1.5.2. Methodology

• Exploratory Research

The first part of the project was...
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