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The RED CRAB GROUP OF RESTAURANTS aims to define and set the standard when it comes to crab and seafood dining in the country.

The Red Crab Group of Restaurants\' mission is to create a strong network of world class, pioneering, specialty restaurants combining the best Filipino agro-resources and talent with global flavors and design. Each concept is unique with their personality, identity and drama for customers to experience. The restaurants are all geared for family and group gatherings and celebrations and as always the food will always be glorious and extravagant so that each dining experience will be remembered.

The Red Crab Group of Restaurants vision is to be the restaurant of choice when it comes to celebrating special moments and occasions. The

RED CRAB ALIMANGO HOUSE restaurant is built on what the Red Crab Group has established over the past 11 years: providing the freshest and tastiest crab and seafood dishes to everyone! Its concept was brought about by the desire of its owner to come up with a totally Filipino version of a Western casual seafood restaurant. It is disntinctly Filipino, with some minor infusions.  As you work your way around their menu, try to keep yourself from drooling once you’ve reached this particular section of five categories fully devoted to the sea’s bounty - Sinugba, Pinausukan, Sinabawan, Pinirito and Seafood in Curries and Chilies! You will definitely find this restaurant a piece of heaven due to its variety of seafood dishes that can captivate any discriminating palate


This portfolio contains my journey in my very first On the job training in my 3rd year college life. It is so exciting at first that I’m now getting to the outside, real world bit by bit in my career chosen. It is my bliss to give you an idea about how would be your internship be as enjoyable as possible. It takes me around less than a month to finish...
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