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Internship Format

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1.Title Page


3.List of Contents

4.List of tables & illustrations, if any


6.Objectives of studying the organization

7.Overview of the organization
7.1Brief history
7.2Nature of the organization
7.3Business volume
7.4Number of employees
7.5Product lines

8.Organizational structure
8.1Main offices
8.2Comments on the organizational structure

9.Structure of the Finance Department
9.1Number of employees working in the Finance Department
9.2Finance & Accounting operations

10.Functions of the Finance Department
10.1Accounting system of the organization
10.2Finance system of the organization
10.3Use of electronic data in decision-making
10.4Mobilization of funds
10.5Generation of funds
10.6Sources of funds
10.7Allocation of funds

11.Critical analysis of the theoretical concepts relating to practical experiences i.e. relate the theoretical concepts with your practical experience during your Internship with the Finance Department 11.1Financial analysis (ratio analysis, horizontal & vertical analysis of the organization for the last five years) 11.2Organization analysis with reference to the industries listed on the stock exchange 11.3Behavior of the studied organization in allocation of various funds to different assets 11.4Future prospects of the organization

12.Short-falls/weaknesses of the Finance Department
12.1Critical analysis of the management patterns of the organization with reference to financial operations, weak areas that need to be improved.

13.Conclusions & recommendations for improvement

14.References & Sources used


Note:The report should be double space typed on A4 size, 75 gram paper, with bold headings & sub-headings, with margins set as top, bottom & right 1 inch whereas left 1.5 inch. These typed pages should be hard board...

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