Internship Experiences

Topics: Bank, Question, Learning Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: February 16, 2011
This summer wasn’t same than my other summers.The different thing is that I had a good experience about my future.Due to my major,I have to do intership for forthy workday.I worked in a bank for one and a half month.Working in a bank,gain lots of experiences to me.I see that relationships with people,working life and how was the life.

The first is that ,I see that clearly relationships with people.Everyday I filled in lots of credit forms and I asked questions to people for filling credit forms.So I can develop my relations with people.İt makes me social and learn to how to can we develop relations with people in business life.This is a thing that,really important to working life.Because in business sector,the first important thing is that,relations with people,we know how to conviction methods to people and how can we build communications with people.So,the bank job really helped to me.

The second thing is that I see the business life the first time.I became a reasponsibility person.I went to work everyday,I woke up early.I started to work 9:50 and finish 6:30 oclock.Everyday I took notes that,what I did whole day.I learn the relationhips about cowworkers and bank manager.I realized that working life is really tough and earning your own money is really nice thing.They gave me a credit card for just intershippers.It has 250 Turkish Lira for one and half month.I think it is a good money and I spent to my own money first time.This is worth for everthing.

The last thing is that ,I see the how was the life outside.Everyday I met there kind of people.I asked to them personal,about family,education,career,occupuation questions and I had lots of informations that people’s life.Usually people want to take consumer loan,mortgage.Usually they need for money paying their debts,marriage for their childrens and buying home.People had a lots of problems and I saw that how hard is life.Some people apply to consumer loan but they didnt think...
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