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Topics: Digital single-lens reflex camera, Pentax, Single-lens reflex camera Pages: 7 (2530 words) Published: December 2, 2012
If you’re thinking you’re going to get a small upgrade to its predecessor (Pentax K10D) then you’re definitely wrong!

The body looks almost the same but there are a few differences and let me explain them to you.

First there is a PC sync port that has an overload circuit incase you have a surge. Second there is a larger lever to access the weather sealed card door. The most obvious standout is the larger and much higher resolution screen… 2.7” 630,000 pixels (including sub pixels)! Pentax calls this 230,000 dots (each dot has Red Green and Blue pixels). Besides that the body is exactly the same and that is great because your BG2 grip will work just fine from your K10D.

Things that didn’t change… I’m going to get this out of the way really early and tell everyone that the AF sensor, AF drive motor, mirror assembly and associated parts are all the same besides a dampened mirror bay. This is really going to make a lot of users unhappy because a lot of people have frustrations with the AF system of the Pentax K10D including myself. I was explained the reason and here it is so it’s out there:

Pentax engineers had two choices when updating the K10D in order to stay profitable. One was to advance the AF system and mechanisms to bring it up and beyond the current cameras in the class. Second was to advance the imaging and allow it to be the most advanced photographic tool available. Pentax went with upgrading the imaging guts because having a better AF system and the older imaging end wouldn’t sell well enough. Every camera on the block has a newer AF system, but the imaging system isn’t anything that stellar till you jump to the full frame models. In my honest opinion I would also go with imaging vs. AF system any day, but that’s because in my mind the quality of the image matters more than how well the camera can focus/track/predict. I feel that this is the only area in which this camera fails to be the most astounding camera of 2008. Many camera reviewers will look at this and will probably point this out enough to bring the value of the camera down, but Pentax has a few tricks up their sleeves and I will explain this all later. I got this straight from the Pentax Japan engineers that were there training the US sales reps on the K20D.

So we still have 3FPS and we will still have the same low-light AF ability coupled with the same 11 AF points with 9 of those being selectable.

What has changed in the camera? Way too much for me to ever remember hence why I wrote this article ahead of time so I could make sure I have all the bases covered when the camera is announced.

The sensor… this sensor is most likely the most technologically advanced sensor on the market period. This is the very first high resolution sensor and actually breaks the quality of many lenses on the market. 14.7 effective megapixels… that sounds almost ludicrous! Many of you are probably thinking well small pixels right? WRONG! The pixels are actually the same size as the pixels on the Sony 12MP sensor that is in the Sony A700 and the Nikon D300! Now you’re all thinking that I’m nuts because there is no way Pentax has this sensor technology because nobody else has it. Sorry guys they do have this technology because they patented it and Samsung built it. We now have a high resolving sensor with high sensitivity! Somewhere a rep told me that each pixel has a base ISO1600 sensitivity, but this could be different or an interpretation. It’s basically magic like Ken Rockwell always says when he doesn’t want to understand how something works. Not only does this sensor have great sensitivity per pixel, but is self repairing! With a couple of button presses you can fix dead pixels on your sensor while you wait. Huh? You know those dead pixels that happen from time to time. Basically you’d send your camera in to be repaired and they’d send it back with that dead pixel mapped out of the equation. The K20D can do this for you in camera folks! So let’s sum...
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