Internet vs Library

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Chapter I
The modern technology, specifically the internet had already been a big help. The internet is an international web of interconnected networks that lets you connect to information on government, education, and the likes. It has been making studying easier for years. It forged studying effortless. Libraries become empty dark rooms because of the widespread usage of the internet. The Library is a place of knowledge. It is a room of different sources of knowledge such as reading materials where we could satisfy our cultural, informational, recreational, and educational needs. For some who doesn’t know how to use it, Library is a struggle. People have to search every book cabinet and scan every pages of the book just to find what are you looking for. That is why most of the students today prefer to scrutinize on the internet than to read in the library. Students have this mindset that Library is as boring as everyone could have ever imagine, but they haven’t thought of the significance and the actualization of learning it could share with us. Most of the students agree that it is a place of boredom, that library is more of a sleeping room rather than a learning room. They doesn’t give importance to it, that we can go through a real hands-on learning in the library. We can see and read actual hard copies of books, novels, and even magazines we love in Libraries which we can’t experience on the internet. The Internet on the other hand, is preferred by the mass because it is just a click away from the most bothering question you’ll ever had on your mind. That’s away it is widely used now a days. No more separate books and journals to interpret, nor another device for audio and visual materials to watch or listen. No more walking on the long aisle of book cabinets or searching on card catalogs. You will just need a computer set and an internet connection. As one considers the wealth of information that is available on the internet as compared to the libraries for educational purposes, a person may be baffled as to which is best. On first glance, most people this much is true. However, most of the research is either fiction or repeated on several web sites, we would say that there is more information available on the internet and unless you know exactly where to look. There are research sites out on the internet, which a researcher will find suitable but te maybe hard to find or locked to all but academic researchers. For the children who attend any type of public or private, elementary or high school, any research for the students would be better done in the school library. The libraries in those schools offer a wealth of information at an age appropriate level, and educators can control the type on informational sources the children are researching. The internet where students in elementary to high school age levels would think to look could be the wrong place, and who knows what type of erroneous information they can find. Let face it most of the information generally found on the internet is irregular with errors, superficial and not really research information. We would not want our children to be learning the wrong information by researching the wrong web sites. The internet is the good place for college students of all types to find many sources of information on a wide variety of topics; however, it is not the only place to find multiple sources of information. The library on any college campus not only has millions of books on any subject imaginable, along with audio books, and other multimedia packages for viewing in many areas of study.

The ability to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information is known as information literacy. To be information literate, one must first acquire the foundational skills and competencies associated with general education – critical thinking and reasoning abilities, written and oral...
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