Internet Vigilantism

Topics: Vigilante, Internet vigilantism, Religion Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Vigilantism: A guide to do it yourself justice.

Haven't we all wanted to just once put on a cape and fight crime. I certainly have, but I may be weird and I ma be more susceptible to the media's influence than you. In any case what I, and probably at least some of you were thinking of doing is called vigilantism.

Vigilantism is"morally sanctimonious" behavior aimed at rectifying or remedying a perceived "structural flaw" in society”(brown 1975), the act of taking the law in your own hands when society fails you. Sometimes called “extra-judicial self-help”. Though often equated with revenge vigilantism is not based on a personal vendetta and is “conservative” seeking to maintain the status-quo and fighting those who are outside the moral code of a society. All in all vigilantes seek to achieve justice by alternative means to the judiciary system.

Vigilantism, though not expressively spoken of, is an omnipresent topic of our societies media. In the last year movies such as Kick-Ass, Superman,Spider man, Watchman, Taken, Standing Tall have reached the big screen and other such films have been pervasive in Hollywood since its origins. What is even more important to note is the development of the concept of vigilantism in our modern society. Recently “human-flesh forums” have surfaced in China. In these forums people collectively work to expose adulterers and other moral sinners, hunting them down and harassing, humiliating them publicly. This type of communal vigilante action through the internet has been coined Internet vigilantism. Unlike in the justice system vigilantes do not try their victims and instead rely upon their own judgment and point of view to decide the perpetrator's fate.

So is it possible to achieve a form of justice through vigilantism? Well the answer is going to depend on your point of view. First we must define and understand the idea of justice. Justice is a human concept that we use to describe a state of fairness. A just...
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