Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes

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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
The use of intranets within an organization such as Dirt Bikes’ will prove to be beneficial in increasing sales, communication between employees, vendors, suppliers and up-to-date information. Human resources, sales and marketing, manufacturing and production are all teams that will benefit from this service. Along with intranet, Dirt Bike teams will also be able to use other Internet tools that will be benefit the company. Wireless access is also recommended for the intranet benefiting the organization and employees. The Intranet enables the company to integrate data from customers and vendors incorporating their own business process finding the best solutions. Employees are able to access the information from anywhere other than just within the facility. The ease of use is very promising and unlike older systems everyone can be on the same system.

The intranet, unlike the Internet is an internal system within a company allowing access to all employees from a central point within the organization. Giving the ability to provide and receive information to suppliers and vendors making transactions simple. Putting your organization and employees to a specific target and the ability to share information about what needs to happen within the company to be successful. Information is updated instantly and then attainable for everyone within the internal network including globalization; leading to integration of the company. Intranets are fast, easy to use and consistent with your company and the information within. Receiving information from outside sources allows you to plan better for the expected demand of products. In regard to Dirt Bikes’ the company can also access the different areas and what trends are improving sales. Researching information also of target prices in those areas to ensure they will be able to sell them and what needs to be built. Constant updating the site will also show that the company is on top of the game making customers feel more comfortable with purchasing the product and that the company is up-to-date with the trends and needs of the customer.

Improving the sales and marketing team with intranet allows the company to receive sales forecast and reports so you can plan for upcoming projects and product success in the past. It stores the sales contacts enabling fast access to these customers when needed. With intranet you are able to do competitor research finding the newest innovations to keep up with the trends to produce the best Dirt Bike. Your sales team is able to collaborate with one another within the organization including the global network. Keeping track of troubleshooting problems so the company is able to correct problems and attempt to be more efficient in these areas. Intranets help to improve and create websites to best suit your customers needs and advertising the most current products. Customers are concerned about time and how rapidly their items will be received, with an intranet you are also able to accept payments and customers are able to track their purchases as well. This eases the buying experience in the online world along with a bonus of saving paper and time. Databases are also able to be created enabling the sales and marketing team to track people that have visited the site and what pages they are visiting more frequently. Watching your competitors and their products can also aid you in finding more innovative ideas to create new and better products.

Human resources can benefit by having the ability to view the employee’s production rate, success within the company, also allowing direct communication with employees. This can help to ensure effective management of employees. The intranet can be utilized to keep track of time from employees, scheduling, labor and demand to get projects done. Also to benefit human resources keeping track of how much time...
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