Internet Tools at Dirt Bike

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
Vera Swengbe
November 3, 2012
Jason Galey

Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes

The management of Dirt Bikes concerns about how much it is spending on the internal and external communication of the organization and staying updated on developments in the motorcycle industry and global economy is a legitimate concern. There are several technology change recommendations that can enhance the communication and gathering of information by employees at a reasonable cost. These recommendations impact and complete cost details alone with benefits to the Dirt Bike management was considered during my investigation. After thorough investigation of the organization’s current technology, the organization providing all employees access to the internet on desktops is cause of concern because the cost of running physical wires throughout an organization is very high.

The first recommendation to the management of Dirt Bike after my evaluation is the change to from system wide internet to an intranet (internal network) system for communication inside the organization. This change can be effected by using the network infrastructure that is currently in place to all employees using desktops computers. The intranet is a tool that makes communication easier by allowing employees quick access to needed company internal files and documents at their desks, allows for good communication between different departments and immediate update of operation systems. It saves time to the company on the distribution of valuable information to employees fast, increase productivity by employees having access to data from the database in the company quickly, is cost effective, build team work and increase

collaboration among employees and it prevent the access of sensitive company information by unauthorized individuals. The software technology developed for intranet network is secure, private and the architecture is similar to that of the...
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